Description of my work:

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I analyse invertebrate remains, mostly from insects; as there are, for example, beelte wings from excavations. The oldest settlements date back to the bandkeramk culture(wells from Erkelenz-Küchoven, and from Zwenkau and Plaußg near Leipzig); Further findings were made from wetland settlements, from the lake Constance (for example Horn-Staad), from Oberschwaben and Pestenacker/Bayern, latène settlements from Porz-Lind / Köln and from Ohrenberg /Nördlinger Ries, furthermore in wells from the roman period near Köln /Hambacher Forst. Medival latrines are the youngest remains in excavations and were found in Constance. With these sub fossil invertebrate analyses I intent to get environmental reconstructions as it has been made with botanical remains. There is s a special interest in synanthrope species which are living near human settlements because of the information they can give about human environmental chances, storages and economy.